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S.F.T. Inc. has a strict 'NO spam' policy, referring to unsolicited bulk e-mail as defined by CAUCE. This has nothing to do with the SPAM(tm) meat product produced by Hormel, which I happen to like.


Under no circumstances will your e-mail address or other information be shared with any third party without your prior consent, nor will any "opt out" lists be used at any time. E-mail sent to S.F.T. Inc. implies that you are soliciting response only from S.F.T. Inc. or its representatives. Any Unsolicited Bulk E-mail that might claim to come from this domain has not been authorized by S.F.T. Inc. or any of its representatives.


Over the last several years, a large volume of 'spam' mail has been created by one or more 'spammer gangs', with fake 'from' and 'reply to' e-mail addresses that often use randomly generated names and specify the 'mrp3.com' domain, but advertise services or products (or both) that have nothing to do with SFT Inc or any of its members. Within the last few months, the frequency of this abuse has multiplied severalfold, to the point where I get over a thousand non-delivery reports each week. (Don't worry, I have a set of scripts I use to minimize the time it takes to complain about EVERY! SINGLE! ONE!).

If you receive any such unsolicited commercial/bulk e-mail, you can help to cut down on spam by submitting a report at www.ifccfbi.gov, providing a copy of the e-mail with all headers intact. Use of 'fake headers' is a violation of the 'CAN spam' act of 2003 (S877), and is punishable by severe penalties.

The mrp3.com domain NOW has an SPF record. If the sender's IP address does NOT pass a comparison to this SPF record, it is probably an illegitimate use of an mrp3.com e-mail address. This is a simple test that your ISP can add to their e-mail servers to automatically reject a LOT of spam e-mail, while minimizing the possibility of rejecting legitimate e-mail, so long as the SPF record has been configured properly.


For the last few months one or more spammers have been using e-mail addresses for this domain in unsolicited bulk e-mail advertising for what can only be described as SCAMS, including but not limited to 'fake' jewelry sales, alleged health products, and at least one obvious phishing site. Similarities in the mail headers indicate that it is the same person or organization responsible for all of it. Law enforcement HAS been contacted since forged headers and 'relay abuse' constitutes a violation of the 'CAN spam' act. Please, do NOT do business with any company that sends unsolicited bulk e-mail advertising using an 'mrp3.com' e-mail address, including the following:

Nearly ALL of their web sites are hosted on only a handful of web servers. The ones that I am aware of are:, (may now be inactive), (may ALSO be inactive),,,, and The domain names change almost daily. A partial list, compiled by a large number of complainants over a long period of time, can be found HERE. I used this information, as well as my own list (from non-delivery reports), to compile this list of known IP addresses. All of the domain names that I captured NOW point to, though before 1/14/2013 they were pointing to . I think that some complaints that I made (to the RIGHT people, apparently) 2 days before may have caused this.

Please report ALL spam from these people via 'spamcop.net' (or any other similar reporting service for that matter). Please report all forged headers that use the 'mrp3.com' domain to ic3.gov and reference Complaint ID I1211051541289972 . Thank you.

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