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Great Spirits Have Always Encountered Violent Opposition From Mediocre Minds - Albert Einstein
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Personal Information

  • Location: San Diego, California
  • Regular Occupation: Software and Electronics Engineer, Programmer, Analyst, Consultant
    for more on this, go HERE.
  • Age: (varies)
    [my astrological birth chart (* be afraid! *)]
    (here's a more humorous look at astrological signs)
  • High School: Independence H.S., San Jose, CA, 1978 (first graduating class).
    See also I.H.S. web page, and the I.H.S. Alumni page.
  • Military: U.S. Navy, 1980 through 1986. Served on board the U.S.S. La Jolla (SSN 701) (also HERE), a fast-attack nuclear submarine, as a nuclear reactor operator. Received Honorable Discharge at the rank of ET1(SS) (E-6).
    I have also an (inactive) alumni page located HERE
    . (note - the U.S.S. La Jolla is no longer active as a warship; it is being converted into a training unit and has been cut in 3 pieces, according to THIS page on Wikipedia, as of September 2015)

Primary Interests

  • Computer Science
  • Engineering (in general)
  • Music (I like Jazz and Rock&Roll) - see my Music page!
  • Physical Sciences (math, chemistry, physics)
  • Art and Literature (not nearly as much as music, though)
  • Talk Radio
  • Anime (better than MOST american TV)
  • Military aircraft and warships (and combat flight simulator programs)
    (and someday I'd like to get a pilot's license, and my own aircraft).
  • Politics and Religion and other controversial topics
    For more, see my anti-global-warming
  • The Success of Supply-Side Economics - for more on that, go HERE.
  • Flight and Rocketry. Some time ago I experimented with pepsi bottle water rocketry. I saw a video from South Africa where someone set a record height for a water rocket at 830 meters. That's impressive!
  • Ranting. I like to rant. See my RANT page. There's a LOT to rant about these days.

If you want a cool "star field" screen saver that supports red/cyan 3D glasses in 'anagraphic' mode then try THIS (very old) one: star32.zip

Local web page

E-Mail: BobF (at) mrp3 (dot) com
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i am a super geek

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