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Bob Frazier has been doing contract Software Engineering/Development since 1988, with 3 decades' experience working with computer systems of various types. He is one of the two original founders of S.F.T. Inc. and is currently its sole owner, serving in all aspects of the business from CEO to Web Design.

Areas of Expertise

  • Software Engineering
        Experienced, rapidly gaining proficiency for new and cutting-edge technologies
        Languages: C/C++, Python, Java, Perl, PHP, HTML, SQL, XML, assembly, others
        Microsoft Developer Studio, GNU development tools, Eclipse, Android SDK
        Proficient with Makefile, Auto-tools, MFC, wxWidgets
        Source control systems, including Subversion, Git, and Perforce
        Kernel and User-mode Device Drivers, Device Communication and Control
        GUI applications for Windows, X11, and Android (including cross-platform)
        2D and 3D Graphics, Custom Charting Packages, low-level operations
        Multi-thread, SMP, ISRs, and real-time processes
        Numerical and Statistical Analysis, Presentation Graphics, and Reporting
        Windows, FreeBSD, Linux, vxWorks, and other operating systems

  • Electronic Engineering
        Digital and Analog devices, including embedded systems and microcontrollers
        Familiar with standard interfaces (SPI, I2C, USB, RS232, etc.)
        Data Collection, Monitoring and Control Systems
        Schematic and board layout using CAD system (Eagle)
        Highly competent as an electronic technician, design prototyping, rapid troubleshooting.
        Former U.S. Navy ET1(SS), honorable discharge, 1986

  • Networking and Communication
       Bit-level experience with L2, L3, and higher-level protocols (ARP, IP, IPv6, TCP, UDP, RTP, HTTP, etc.)
    Custom Kernel Network Filter Drivers for Linux
    Contributed to SPI communications drivers for FreeBSD
    Familiarity with proxies and firewalls
    Familiarity with RFC, 802.11, and standard Internet protocols
    Various serial protocols (XMODEM, MODBUS, MIDI, interactive, others)
    Proficiency with serial and socket programming (Windows, Linux, BSD, others)
    Proficiency working with bluetooth on embedded devices, as well as bluetooth on Android, Linux, FreeBSD

  • Projects
        Electronic and Software Engineer for S.F.T. Inc (ongoing)
           Arduino IDE support for ATMel ATXMega processors (open source project)
               web site: github.com/XMegaForArduino
           Microcontroller-based 'proof of concept' projects
              Monophonic Synthesizer:  mrp3.com/sftsynth.html,
              Switching Bench Power Supply:  mrp3.com/sftpowersupply.html
              Arduino-compatible 'xmega-based' Devices:  mrp3.com/xmega64d4.html
              Component Tester:  mrp3.com/sft_tester.html
           Cross-platform Serial Communications Utility:  mrp3.com/sftardcal.html

        Electronic and Software Engineer for Boardformula Inc.
        and Lost Bird Projects, Inc., 2013 through 2017

          Primary Engineer for the Smartfin, a data collector embedded in a surfboard fin
    Developed two 'bed of nails' automated flash and test systems for manufacturing.
    Greatly improved data file transfer time for 'smartfin.org' web site
    Developed data summary and automated processes for web site
    Various fixes and enhancements for web site and Android application

        Electronic and Software Engineer for Ophthalmic Concepts (short term contract)
          Rapid prototype construction using Arduino for MGD 3000, a prototype eye therapy device, built for a trade show
    Android (tablet) user interface application and microcontroller firmware for MGD 3000 prototype

        Software Engineer for Opthoquest (short-term contract)
          Rapidly developed an integrated web-based UI server and device control solution for prototype eye exam device
    Assisted with data analysis and mathematical formulae to automatically interpret eye exam results

        Software/Firmware Engineer for Airgain
           Wireless access points and network-related software (including Linux kernel drivers)
           Embedded R&D, 2005 to 2007 as contractor, 2007 to April 2010 direct.
              Improved antenna control software using a statistical model
              Improved design of abstraction layer by reference counting vs states.
           PATENTS: U.S. app. no. 20090175221

        Software/Firmware Engineer for Ahltek
           Ported existing Airgain antenna software to customer hardware for Ahltek
           under contract, January 2010

        Other Projects
           Primary Engineer for Kreiss-Johnson Technologies, Inc.
              'O.P.E.N.' system (power quality analysis), 1995 to 2005
           Accounting and Point of Sale system (Windows) for Blue Bear Software, 1998
           Demand Planning Tool for S.F.T., Inc., 1993
           Various M.I.S. reporting for ASK on HP3000 systems, 1990-91
           Automated weekly reporting (HP3000 + PC) for Cipher Data Products, 1988-89

  • Software Applications (general)
       * Custom (targeted) command-line utilities for use as 'piping filters' on POSIX systems
    * Proof of concept designs for various network-related and hardware control applications (including kernel drivers)
    * Improved open source video client and server to achieve 'perfect video' for a product demo using VLC, Darwin, and Linux.
    * 3 Phase AC Power Analysis Application for Kreiss-Johnson Technologies, Inc.
    * Data Entry interface for point of sale, accounting, and analysis applications
    * Custom multi-threaded SQL Database, optimized for analysis, for Demand Planning Tool
    * Various internet applications: proxies, tunnels, CGI, web services, others
    * HTML Applications using Apache + PHP, data entry web forms, PHP server-side scripting
    * Many scripted processes using various shell languages (bash, Perl, Python, CMD)
    * Various contributions to FreeBSD, avr-related projects, and other public projects,
       including patches, kernel drivers, utilities, commonly used libraries, and documentation.

  • DBMS
        Various DBMS including PostgreSQL, SQL Server, others
        Familiar with SQL in general, and use of utilities like 'psql'

Personal Information

  • Owner, S.F.T. Inc.
  • Birth year: 1960 (Glendale, California)
  • U.S. Citizen
  • U.S. Navy Veteran, 1980 to 1986, honorable discharge as an ET1(SS), nuclear reactor operator
  • Amateur Musician - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Drums, MIDI and original composition
  • Linked-In page at linkedin.com/in/bombasticbob
  • Most recent resume at mrp3.com/bobf_resume.html

Available for both short and long-term engineering contracts. Corp-Corp preferred. Other arrangements possible. Terms negotiable.

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